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astle hotography (Owned by Castle Software Australia Pty Ltd)

Official Photo sessions

BOBW and I are now able to offer reprints of the official photos taken at the weekend. Depending on the levels of interest, we may or may not offer this facility in the future.

There are a number of points that you should be aware of however...

Official Best of Both Worlds 20 Photos

Only the thumbnails of these images are present. The reasons for this are myriad, but the short answer is that the larger ones take up too much server space (roughly 3 conventions worth).

There were well over 300 photos taken each day (two per person) - so don't be surprised if it takes you some time to locate YOUR photos. I can't really help you there ;-)

As a bonus, I've also included the official groups shots that were taken. The original prints of these were auctioned off during the convention, others have not been seen before. Enjoy.

Note: These photos are all Copyright 2003, BOBW and Castle Software Australia Pty Ltd, all rights reserved. Copying, posting on other sites or linking to the official photos is strictly prohibited. If you want convention photos for your own website, look at the other ones on this site.

If you want to put your own photo on your personal site, then scan in the print you received at the convention.

These are YOUR photos too!

Having your photo online it is a very subjective thing - everyone will have their own opinion about how good or bad their photos were. Contact me with the exact photo numbers if you want yours removed thom the site.

Please note: I will only take down the photos for ONE person per email request. Also, no jokingly or "mistakenly" asking me to take down another person's photos - offenders will risk getting themselves banned from future BOBW events (your name and email will go straight to Adele).

Procedure for ordering

Note down the numbers of the photos you want, check the prices and follow the Normal ordering procedure.

Don't worry if the photo is a little bright or dark, that can be corrected when it is printed. If you have any specific concerns however let me know.

Print Sizes and Prices

The original prints done for Best of Both Worlds were 6*8 inches in size. I can reprint in any size you like up to 8*10 inches.

I have been given specific instructions regarding prices for the official photos. However until I get my online shop working it is too awkward to have two pricing structures for my photos. So, the special offer is this: order now and pay my standard reprint fees!! If you wait too long, the prices for the official photos will jump about 50%.

Please note: There are many cases where one of the prints was blurred or unsuitable for reprinting any bigger than snapshot size (6*4 inches) - but this may not be obvious from the thumbnail images displayed here. When you place your order I will check the original master and advise you if the print size you asked for won't work

Click to see more photos

Guest Photos

The following are the official group photos that were taken. Yes I know there isn't one with David in it. The photo session on Sunday ran overtime and i didn't get a chance to take one.

That was largely the reason why the photo of Doug and David was put up for auction that day. The photo itself was totally spontaneous on the part of both of them and it was luck that the camera was already focussed (the focussing mechanism on most digital cameras is their biggest weak point, and largely why you can't take quick/spontaneous photos with them)

The one of Michael was just plain fun